Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Post Op Day 3

I'm restless. I hate being cooped up lying on my back all day. Got a nice sponge bath, and felt human again for a bit. I cannot wait to get these itchy drains out on Friday and have a proper shower. I've pretty much phased out the norco. I took only half of one today and I haven't been in any pain. I will likely only be taking it at night now.

I had a memory of waking up from anesthesia. My entire body was shaking like it does when I used to drink too much. I remember trying to explain to them that it's not an unusual thing to happen to me.

People are being really awesome. I've had some friends come visit and hang out. Everyone has been texting me and sending nice messages on facebook and tumblr. It's nice to have support and love and well-wishes.

I have a nagging fear of my mother. I really just think that things will be best if she never knows of this. I have no intention of telling her, and I certainly hope no one else does, as it is my business and mine alone.

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