Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A week and change.

I got those horrible drains removed. I feel like a real person now. The flat-chested sort! There is still a lot of swelling, but it's gone down quite a bit. It may swell a bit more as my body switches from draining the fluid to absorbing it. The process for removing the drain tubes hurt rather a lot on the right side, but after it was all done, it felt amazing. No more itchiness and discomfort. I only have to deal with the compression vest/wraps for a few more days and then I'm basically back to normal. I cannot wait until I can start being active again. I feel so fat and lazy. I know I'm supposed to be lazy for a time, but it sure feels horrible, and notice my gut seems to be expanding. I need to rein in my eating. But since Easter's just past, I cannot pass up half price candies. Ugh.

Anyhow, I feel much better and it's amazing to sit around in a t-shirt. What a feeling to not have to deal with layers. This summer is going to be great.

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