Sunday, April 3, 2011

So Friday was the QSA Gala at DU. I got somewhat spiffed up and accompanied my boyfriend there with a couple of other friends as well. He got an award. There was lamb and beer and truffles. It was good.

Saturday, we went to to CU Boulder to the Transforming Gender Symposium. It was a very long, but very good day. There was a trans Rabbi there who gave a handout that was a translation from some ancient Jewish texts about how to incorporate people who were neither male nor female. It was fascinating. I may copy it for my mother.

I also learned a bit more about hormone replacement therapy. Just some more solid facts about what testosterone does and does not do. And the things that are unproven about it. It was very helpful.

It was an exhausingly long day, but it was well worth it. To learn. To spend time with friends. To eat. Yay Pit Pit.

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  1. hey can I get a copy of that text from you? And anything interesting with the hormone panel?