Tuesday, April 5, 2011

One Year on Testosterone

Six and a half months on injections, previously gel/cream.

Initial changes:
clitoral growth
weight redistribution

Ongoing changes:
voice (may have settled down by now)
muscle mass (due to working out)
hunger (shortly after injecting)
libido (shortly after injecting)

In a year I have legally changed my name on Social Security, driver's license, insurances, work, voter registration, bank, etc. I also changed my gender on my driver's license.

Need to change name on: passport, car registration.

I now pass 99.9% of the time to strangers. I look much closer to my age than last year.

I have a decent 'happy trail'. I have a patch of hair on my chin and sporadic hairs under my chin. I have to shave my face at least every other day to keep it from being too prickly.

My shoulders have broadened considerably, causing me to go up a shirt size from small to medium. My hips/but/thighs haven't really changed, so my pants size is still the same. I was fairly lacking in hips anyway, now I just have more man-shaped legs.

I can lift roughly twice the amount I was able to a year ago.

I can do 7 consecutive chin-ups. Whereas previously I could do 3-5.

I have gained about 10 lbs. Mostly in muscle as far as I can tell.

No period since September.

So, I started this blog a year ago with the first application of my AndroGel. Initially, I posted every day, or tried to. Now I post every other day, usually. I will no longer adhere to any sort of schedule. I will post whenever something trans-related comes to mind. I will still try to incorporate photos and facts about my transition.


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