Friday, April 15, 2011

This week has been a bit of an off week. I am a sponge of emotions. So when those close to me are stressed, I tend to feel a bit of it. Or a lot of it as the case may be.

I really need/want a new job. Everything is changing at work and we've been short-staffed fairly regularly lately. And I'm simply bored. And I'm tired of the excessive amount of cats. And I just don't care anymore and I know that I need to. I think I am done with animals. I would really like to utilize my degree, or at least get closer to that. I realize that it is hard when it's only a bachelor's, but I am loathe to go back to school. Just the thought of homework again makes me almost physically sick. At the same time though, I do miss classroom discussions, and generally learning about things of interest.

I need some change in my life. I think just changing jobs would be a good start. I don't expect my next job to be the one I will love and stick with, but the fact that it will be new and different will be enough for now. And in May I'll get out of Denver three of the weekends. I think that will also help a lot. And someday I'll get the money to get a new passport and travel internationally again. It's sort of killing me that I haven't been out of the US for four years.

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