Tuesday, June 9, 2015

chest update

Well, I had an appointment with my surgeon today. He said that the swelling is gone, but there is still tissue left. He said he will do liposuction with the next surgery. He can make there be almost no tissue between the skin and the muscle. It will still not be flat due to the pectus excavatum, but at least there will be no more of this daft bouncing flesh. He also mentioned that because it healed up so well, I could do the surgery anytime. I still want to wait until fall so I can make the most of summer for camping and hiking. The second surgery is supposed to have less downtime, so hopefully I won't have to take a whole lot of time off work. I am glad to hear that I did heal up just fine and that the size is not just in my head and that there is a solution. I just have to wait. I think I can handle that. I just need to decide if I should get another binder for running and long hikes. The one I have left is really stretched and gross, and I gave the others away to those in need.

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