Saturday, November 7, 2015

Setting things in motion for my second surgery. There a a couple of really exciting things about it. One is that I can probably get it covered by insurance so long as my doctor writes a letter stating that it's not a cosmetic surgery. The other good thing is that it can be done as an outpatient surgery, so even if I do have to pay out of pocket it will be well under a thousand dollars.

The recovery time will supposedly be a bit shorter than the first one. I am trying to store up enough PTO for about a week and a half, which, with weekends added will be adequate. Work is really rough right now as we're very short staffed and the population is very high, so I don't know if they will even approve a long absence as I'm one of very few staff who have been around long enough to train new people properly. So with that and insurance, I may have to wait until January. I was hoping for early December.

I want to get it done in the winter so everything will be healed up for next summer. Hiking, swimming, running. I am excited to work out and be comfortable without a shirt.

I need to start paying more attention to my diet and exercise again. The change of seasons really messed it up for me.

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