Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Transition Costs Revisited (unspecified amounts)

I wanted to go back a few years in this blog to the beginning of my transition and revisit a list I made.

From April 15, 2010 (italics) current updates (bold)

Figured I'd breakdown the basic expenses a trans guy faces.

binder- for the purpose of hiding one's chest: I have several. I use both T-Kingdom and Underworks. I like them both. But Underworks is much more affordable.
I only use underworks these days. It sucks to have been binding for over 6 years.

soft packer- for the purpose of creating the bulge: again, I have more than one. Not expensive, but they do wear out over time.
I forgot to include the packer harness. Again, not expensive, but the elastic doesn't last so long.

STP (stand-to-pee)- I use a modified medicine spoon. It was very cheep indeed. However, I also purchased an STP packer. It was not really worth the cost.
I'm pretty sure I'm only on my second medicine spoon ever. I also don't use it much at all unless I'm in a public restroom and occasionally in the woods.

Strap-on- for the purpose of intercourse. I've no experience in this area.
I now have experience in this area. Not particularly cheap.

Therapist- for the purpose of getting a letter for the the following. I actually enjoy therapy and I didn't just go so that I could get the official diagnosis to proceed with medical transition. However, I did get that letter written. And I have also not ditched my therapist.
I no longer go to a therapist regularly.

Physician- for the purpose of getting a prescription. I've yet to find out if my health insurance pays for my doctor visits and blood-work.
I go to my physician once or twice a year for a physical and bloodwork. My insurance covers the physicals and the general visits.

Testosterone- for the purpose of making one hormonally male. I use AndroGel. I rub it onto my upper arms once daily. Many other guys opt for the injection because it is much (much) cheaper. My insurance fails me in this regard.
I have been on injections since September of 2010. The cost is low, especially with a pharmacy coupon. I am on a fairly low dose so my vial lasts many months.

Top Surgery- negates the need for a binder. I do not at this time wish to have a double mastectomy, though I do wish I had a flat chest.
My surgery date is March 30 in Boulder. I will not need the double incision technique that is most common among trans guys. My surgeon said periareolar was the best option. This means I get minimal scarring and the retention of the nerve stalk for the nipples. However, it is two surgeries, and thus half again as much money as I was anticipating. This will be my largest expense in the whole process. It will be well worth it.

Bottom Surgery- yeah... I don't want this. Some do.
I still have no intention of getting any sort of genital reconstructive surgery. Perhaps someday hysterectomy/oophorecotmy but that's way out of budget now. It'll save on testosterone cost though!

So yeah, I have a chest surgery date. I'm still worried about money, but I'll get it worked out. I will likely have to use the surgery office's line of credit, but it is no interest for a year, so I think I can handle that. I will be out of work on paid time off for two weeks. I will unfortunately have to spend most of that time in bed or at least minimally active. Send me your TV show, movie and book recommendations. Also, come visit me. I'm going to be super bored, but hopefully not too much in pain.


  1. are you open to discussing which bottom procedure you chose?

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  3. I'm sorry if I didn't make it clear. I don't intend to have bottom surgery (maybe way later a hysto). The surgery I was referring to was the chest surgery.