Saturday, February 21, 2015

A loss for words (but actually only spoken ones, I can write a decent amount...)

So I was sort of despairing of getting enough money scraped together for surgery by March 30. I would have easily had enough, but I was counting on the FSA. Since that will only work as a claim after the surgery, I was seriously worried about it. I considered rescheduling. I was so loathe to borrow more money on top of my current student loans and car loan. But a couple people suggested I do a gofundme. I was reluctant. I always sort of scoffed at people who had those. I figured they could just be slightly smarter with their money. Or wait a bit longer or work a bit harder and whatnot. But I set one up anyhow, explaining the FSA and assuring everyone reading that I would repay them as soon as my claim went through and I got my money back.

I was surprised by the outpouring. Likes, shares, comments, and of course contributions. I had no idea all those people cared enough to actually help me out. I am so humbled and grateful. I met my goal in a single day. A day. I was expecting that I may still have to take another loan. Or that I'd annoy everyone on my feed by reposting the campaign every few days. But I don't have to worry. And I don't have to bother anyone.

Now all I have to worry about is the surgery itself. Being bored and immobile for a couple of weeks. And submitting that blasted FSA claim.

I really love my friends.

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