Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Now that I'm done wallowing in self-pity, I have some serious thinking and planning to do. Namely saving all the money I can for the surgeries in hope I can get them done sooner rather than later. I am mentally kicking myself for thinking in the moment so much. I could have had all the money I need on hand right now. But I tend to spend rather frivolously. Books, DVDs, movie theaters, gas (I need to ride my bike even in winter...), clothes, alcohol, junk food, restaurants, etc. I need to pare my spending down to essentials. And I count hiking and moderate travel as essential.

Now that I know I can use my flex spending account, I feel better. I won't lose that money. I just have to pay upfront, and then submit a claim. So again, more thinking about and rearranging money. 

I also think I need to talk to the surgeon more. I want to know if I can see any results from him. I have been doing heaps of research and have noted that many of the results are less than satisfactory. I am assuming this is why two surgeries are required, but I need to know more.  I am very impressed with his double incision results, having seen several patients in person. And as much as I'd like to not have such scars, I am wary of trying something unknown.

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