Tuesday, April 4, 2017

7 years on testosterone comparison

Seven years. It's a bit weird to think of really. Mostly it's just maintenance now; the majority of the changes have fully occurred. That said, I am getting more hair gradually. Beard continues to fill in. More body hairs in random places. That may be more of an age thing than puberty though. These last two years without a chest binder have done wonders for my back acne. I am still prone to pimples on my upper back, but not nearly so bad as before. I am still planning to meet with my surgeon again to determine if I should get another revision. I am mostly content, but it could be a little better, though likely never perfect. I am still working on my muscle-building and fat-losing. That, of course, is an ongoing process. I just need to stay on target and try to break my sugar habit.

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