Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Chest update

It has been a year since my second chest surgery. There's not a whole lot to report. It has healed up well, though I think I may need a revision at some point. The areolas aren't quite right. One is a bit too big, the other is not round. My right side seems to have some fatty tissue remaining. Overall, I'm quite pleased. I am much more self-conscious of my gut than my chest if I'm ever shirtless.

One thing I'm a bit disappointed about is that my nipples don't have much feeling. One reason this variant of surgery was so preferable for me was that the nipples were not grafted on, so they tend to retain (or regain) feeling. So far that is not the case with me. It certainly doesn't make me regret the decision in any way, but it is sort of disappointing. Though, there is always the possibility that I'll regain feeling. It is a process.

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