Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Chest Surgery Round Two

Tomorrow I go for my second chest surgery. I knew from the beginning that this would be a two-surgery process. The first surgery was nearly a year ago. I was anesthetized fully and most the breast tissue and most of the fatty tissue was removed from my chest via small incisions under my nipples. I had drain tubes. The purpose of that one was to decrease the size and allow my skin's elasticity to reduce any droopiness that often occurs when the whole process is done in one surgery.

This surgery will be quicker and I'll be awake for it. The surgeon will resize the areola and take in any excess skin. There will also be some slight liposuction to get rid of the remaining fatty tissue. I'll finally be flat! My nipples will be the appropriate size and in the appropriate place. I will not have to have any drains, and the recovery should be much easier. 

I've been working pretty hard on my pectoral muscles, hopefully my surgeon will have no problem contouring my chest. 

I could have had this second surgery as soon as three months after the first one, but it ended up being almost a whole year after, due to work schedule and money. It will be over soon though. And I can work on my torso tan this summer (so long as I first work on tightening up my middle).

I will be taking some before photos, and once I'm healed up I'll be sure to post some comparisons from before the first surgery to now to after the whole process is complete. I'm hopeful about the results. 

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  1. Thinking of you and sending positive vibes for a smooth procedure and fast healing!

  2. Good luck tomorrow! It sounds like this procedure will be one hell of a lot easier & hopefully less painful! I hope you heal quickly!