Sunday, July 8, 2012

trans check in

I think I need to document things again. It's been 2 years and 3 months or so on testosterone, I haven't measured my muscles since well before I started doing parkour. I'll get on that. ...soon. Hair keeps coming in thicker everywhere. I actually get a 5 o'clock shadow, the next evening. I can actually grow a fairly decent beard with mustache and soul patch included, it's just still a bit too sparse for me to keep it around.

I continue to have my internal struggle with chest surgery. I'm just not sure about it. I know that I very much dislike my chest. And I detest wearing binders. They're itchy and they cut under my arms. Grrr. And I'd love to swim shirtless. And feel the sun on my back. And the wind. But I don't have the money, and frankly if I do get that sort of money, I'm going to travel with it. And I don't relish the thought of not being able to use my arms for a month or so. Certainly wouldn't work out with my job. And I simply don't want huge, unsightly scars. I don't dislike scars, I just don't want surgery ones I guess. But breathing would be nice...

Anyhow, I guess I needn't worry about it until I have the funds anyhow. 

I promise that I'll do some measurements soon.

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  1. This is clearly an internal struggle for you. Did I ever mention that I grew up in Trinidad, CO? You probably know what the town was best known for. I worked 4 years at a hotel there and met several patients, and I'm also sure that I met several who I didn't know were patients. I remember how those who were more open with me expressed how it was all money well spent for them, but it took time for them to be ready.