Wednesday, May 30, 2012

barefoot-style sandals

So, mostly because of parkour I've been getting into barefoot/minimalist shoes. I got a pair of vivobarefoot shoes and they're amazing. I am used to being barefoot. I grew up out of the city and mostly chose not to wear shoes. Now, because the city has a tendency toward dangerous things like glass and such, shoes are a good idea. I'll not get into all the details on why barefoot is better for overall posture and foot health, etc, the internet can give you those answers, I just know that I like the minimal design and being able to feel the ground. But I also adore my chaco sandals, as anyone who knows me can attest. I have climbed 14ers in them. And if you're familiar at all with chacos, you know that they have fairly thick, rigid soles. So, as I've fallen in love with my vivos, I've felt sad that while wearing them, I cannot keep my z shaped tan. I like sandals. And I like barefoot shoes. So I did a quick internet search and found some huarache(that's the Tarahumara sandal from Mexico)-inspired barefoot sandals. With z straps. Now I just need to justify spending the money.

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