Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I am going to work on getting my passport updated and renewed. It's quite the process. I need a letter, a very specific letter from my doctor stating that I'm medically male. She doesn't have to disclose anything at all, just state that. I have to fill out the renewal form. Get a photo. Bring my name change paperwork. Supply my old passport. Pay $110 and wait for a couple of months. It's the money that's the biggest issue. Hopefully I can call my doctor's office and get her to write the letter and get things rolling by next month.

I need to get out of the country as soon as I have some money. Now that my car is payed off, I can save again and it's slowly building back up.

Also, I love Autumn. I wish this weather was year-round. I love wearing a jacket in the morning and evening, and shirt-sleeves in the middle of the day. I love the chilly breezes and the crisp air. I love the smell of the trees and the color of the leaves. And the crunchiness too.

Where can I move that is always Autumn?

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  1. mine was just that my gender transition was in process and they gave me a full 10 year passport.

    So, theres hope.