Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Some say Trans is a new trend. Fuck that. I mean, I'm all for more lovely transpeople in the world, but it's not like it's the glamorous life or anything. It's not cheap. There's the therapist. The doctor. The blood labs (every few months). The prescription. The binders. The packers. The court fees. The phone calls. The tears. The acne. The arguments with parents. The needles. The growing out of clothes. The going hungry. The hot flashes. The not being able to breathe. The cracking voice. The awkward responses...


I suppose I do see that there seems to be a growing population of trans people, guys especially. And I don't know all the reasons for this, but I'm not going to call them fakes. Instead, I'm going to note that it is now less of an arduous process that it has been. I said less, it is still quite arduous(see first paragraph).

I could probably keep ranting about this. It's been bugging me for days. But I won't. I'm stopping.

Now I can go wallow in my money worries and cuddle with a lovely boy.

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  1. Yeah, I totally feel you. I think that people dont really see the process, or the issues that arise upon making the decision. And the money. Blah. I had dinner with a girl Ive known since 2nd grade and she asked so many questions and was finally like, holy crap I never thought about that. It was interesting.

    Anywho. Dont let it get to you too much. Its not worth it =) Tell the boy HELLO from me. I miss all your friends.