Thursday, February 10, 2011

So I've been having money woes. And so I decided to call my dad about it because he has a sound business mind. Now, I didn't want to ask him for money because that would be something that my mother could hold over my head. Either by saying that I needed to do or not do things for it, or berating me for spending a lot of money for therapy and the doctor and prescriptions and court fees, etc. Gender stuff.

Anyhow, I talked to my dad and got a lot of sound advice. Also, he said that his company (he owns a construction company) could give me a loan to get my car fixed. I'm still in the midst of deciding if I want to do even that. I may just cancel my insurance and start riding the bus. But that's just a thought. I need to take it to another mechanic to get a quote. Then we'll go from there.

I realized that not many people actually use pronouns for me. And that's fine. They use my name, or not much at all. But sometimes, with some people, masculine pronouns are almost as jarring as feminine ones. I know so many guys who just slip into them with ease and refer to themselves with masculine ones, but though feminine ones have never seemed right to me, masculine ones don't quite fit either. It's just a weird thing. Masculine pronouns are my choice over feminine, and also over the various neutral pronouns. I am not complaining that people use them for me, I am simply noting that it still seems strange at times. Mostly good, just strange.

Hooray weekend!

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