Sunday, April 29, 2012

Parkour week 1

Parkour is like being a kid again. (Except I don't ever remember being sore as a kid.) It's like the hot lava game and pretending to be a monkey and/or a cat. I did those things. I climbed fences and buildings. I jumped off the same. I wore out the knees of every pair of pants I owned. I was good at sprinting and hurdling. I couldn't do a lot of the fancy tricks that others could do though. Flips off swings. Spins around bars. Trampline tricks. But I was fit. And I could do so much. I didn't think I'd lost that as much as I know know I have. Sure, I hike a lot and run occasionally. Do push-ups, pull-ups. But never constantly. So now I'm going back in time. Turning myself back into that barefoot, androgynous kid with boundless energy. Only better. Becouase now I've got additional muscle power and determination. I can already feel the energy returning to me after the first week. Even though my muscles are a bit tired after class, my energy level the next day is abundant. And I am generally in a good mood. Oh endorphins. Thus far, I've learned how to do a proper push-up (elbows in!). Kipping pull-ups. Proper squats, and knees-to-elbows. Also, the basics of quatrapedal movement (no knees), and the qm gallop. So intense. I'm also learning how best to stretch all of my muscles and how to warm up and cool down. I bought a pair of feiyiue martial arts shoes to use for parkour because they were cheap and often recoomended because of their lightness and flexibility. But they pinched my toes painfully, so I bit the bullet and bought a pair of vivobarfoot shoes (no, not the ones with toes.) I got them for about half price after a few days of internet searches. They arrived today. I cannot wait to try them out. So here are my beginning stats. I'll update again after the class is over. Pull-ups: 10 Push-ups: 25 Muscle-ups: 0 Standing broad jump: 6'3" Knees-to-elbows: 5 Precision stairs: 5


  1. Sounds like fun. It will be interesting to see your "after" stats. Do you take any strength/muscle building supplements - besides the testosterone?

  2. No. I don't think there's a need.